If you're not journaling then where tf you at??

If you haven't already tried it, journaling is an amazing tool to help you tap in…you know build a meaningful relationship with yourself. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, goals, and values on paper is a healing method, as it provides clarity. It is also a form of manifestation as it helps you track your goals and track your success.  Hold up cut ups there are bonuses to journaling, such as working on your positive self-talk, managing your emotions, and seeing your growth. 

Starting is easy as long as we anticipate the blockage:


If time is a concern, 2 minutes will get you started and enough to get you inspired. You can build your time from there, by setting aside more time each day. The bonuses you get are tracking your growth goals and success. The time of day you choose to journal is not important, what matters is that you commit to doing so every day. 


Is an unspoken truth about journaling. You may experience negative feelings in the process. Self-compassion will keep you going so you won't slip into a space of avoiding it. Keeping your journal with you will not only help with commitment but will also allow you to have easy access when the moment is perfect. 

Address these simple ambition blocks to make sure you maintain a steady tap-in.

Remember to check in with yourself, set your intentions, and grow. 

Check out The Journals  For Your Chronic Ambitions for amazing editions to get you tapped in.

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