8 Ways to Reclaim your Ambitious Vibe

1. Use the rewards as motivation
Ok, so now would be a good time to talk about the benefits of lists. A list of your rewards is a written commitment to obtaining it. What will you gain if you push through? Self-respect? More moolah? When you feel like you're not as motivated as you should be, use this list to call on your ambitious vibe to cheer you on.

2. Your pain can be an advantage.
If you misuse your time and let it pass you by, what's the outcome? Yes, another list. This time one acknowledging the situations you don't want to be in.

3. Revisit your lists daily.
To keep your list of rewards and pains fresh in your mind. Read them daily

4. Take a walk.
A change of scenery can revitalize your thoughts and your spirit. A breath of fresh air can influence big ambitious ideas.

5.Start doing things that support your goals.
The trick is to start incorporating small actions into each day. Such as leaving that post is on your bathroom mirror so that you can easily read it repeatedly in the 2 minutes it takes to brush your teeth. See how pairing them with your other dailies makes it easy for an ambitious vibe to become a daily reality.

6. Check in with yourself.
Are you exhausted? Maybe you are overwhelmed? Try and tend to what is blocking your ambitious vibe.
Take some time to recharge and care for yourself.

7. Plan your moves
Before you call it a night, make a note of the things you would like to accomplish the next day. It doesn't have to be a detailed list. Some quick notes to get you working on the next steps are enough to get started. Success builds on success.

8.Strive to be your own competition
Competing with yourself is a surefire way to reconnect to your ambitious vibe. Start by making tiny improvements in yourself each week.

Being able to coast your ambitious vibe is necessary if you want to be successful. We are not the only ones that struggle with staying encouraged in the game. Now you have several tactics that make it easy to reclaim your ambitious vibe. Who knows, a few tips and tricks could be all you need for a dramatic change in vibrations.


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