7 Ways to Big-up Your Ambitious Self

Your relationship with yourself is a necessity for ambition. Without your self-support, your success and happiness face a huge obstacle - inauthentic backup! However, anyone can develop this skill as long as they set aside time each day to give themselves the props they need to keep going.

1. Remember your accomplishments.
Remember your feel-good moments, so you are prone to view yourself in a positive light more often. Go back in time as far as you like so you can build a nice hefty list to start. Maybe you won a spelling bee in the 3rd grade (me. I did.) What about killing it at prom or graduation. Think about that time you received well-deserved accolades or a promotion. Take your lessons from your failures and let them dry out in the desert of disappointments. Do the exact opposite for your victories and relish in their ambrosia.

2. Forgive yourself
Yeah, so you have fucked up! Who hasn't? Stop letting it hold you back and forgive yourself for what you didn't know when you didn't know it. If it were them, you would've forgiven them by now. Show yourself the same grace.

3. Focus on what you NEED
What you want is never what you need. Taking care of your needs first makes the shit your ambitious self wants easier to plan and execute.

4. Care for your body-ody.
So listen, the goal is for our ambitions to take us places we have never dreamed of, but we have to maintain our health for the journey. You can take small steps to get started. Park just a bit farther from the entrance. Add this to the laps. Shopping around the store is a workout in itself. Think about ways you can contribute to a healthier you. Then do it.

5. Put a pause on embarrassment
OK, so I'll say it. Being embarrassed about things like your qualities skills and, for f*cks sake....likes, comes from outside sources. And why do you think that is? Because things like this are what make you unique and different from others. Be you. Do you. Enjoying who you are is nothing to be embarrassed about.

6. Practice Gratitude
life will throw a ton of bricks at you. One at a time. Three at a time. Ever notice that after that brick storm passes, you look back and say, "Did yall see that bullshit!"? That's because YOU are better than you give yourself credit for. Be grateful for every bit of uniqueness that creates you - that's what got you through the storm.

7. Be as kind to yourself
Just like you, we hand out forgiveness like they are business cards. We are doing this without kindness too. At the end of the day, YOU are the only one looking out for YOU (note to self). You need to make sure you share some of that kindness with yourselves.

With these 7 simple habits, you can big-up your ambitious self daily. The more you do this the closer you get to success.

Namaste, Tiffany K.

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